I'm Marc. I'm a UX + UI design consultant designing modern, engaging, intuitive software experiences that grow small businesses and startups to their full potential.

Ambitious Startups + Small Businesses

These days, with startups and businesses relying heavily on design for their software products or digital marketing to be successful and reach a connection with their customers, I focus on getting them to the next level with visual design that resonates with their target markets and users and outshines their competitors. Fantastic design can put you at a huge advantage and that’s what I’m here for.

Home Automation Outfitters

I work with home automation retailers to create custom, bespoke Crestron UIs to drive sales and give their clients a top-notch design experience. There’s a unique opportunity in the smart home space to create incredible, accessible and relevant design and I can help you capitalize on an industry that is years, even decades, behind the curve in terms of visual design, usability and user experience.



I create hands-on, purposeful design systems for forward-thinking brands ranging from Crestron systems to mobile apps to web — for every device and screen under the sun.

Crestron UI Design

Design Systems

User Testing Prototypes

iOS + Android App Design

Content Creation

User Journey Flows

Web Design Solutions

Art Direction

Marketing Site Design


Social Media Design

Visual Design


I've collaborated with amazing visionary brands from all over the world.


Pushing brands ahead of and beyond the curve.

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